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Cake Toppers:


If you’ve ever cherished the thought of having your significant other’s name next to yours on a beautifully crafted memorabilia, our trendy cake toppers must have most certainly been on top of your wedding checklist. These must-have bespoke add-ons bring a very unique and personalized touch to your special moment, be it a birthday party, engagement, wedding or anniversary celebration.


Our toppers can be personalised to match any other themes or events (i.e birthday, wedding, anniversary etc...). Our cake toppers come in three distinct sizes; Small, Medium & Large. Small toppers perfectly suit conventional cakes of approximately 130mm diameter in size. Our medium sized toppers are ideal for cakes comprising of several tiers while large toppers look best on single-tiers cakes. Please ensure the product details provided below and in the photo section fully meet your requirement before purchasing.


To make it even more memorable, you can also consider our various value packs comprising of personalised gable boxes, cake toppers, cupcake toppers, banners, personalised paper hats, props, confetti, invitation e-cards etc. that can be made to match your chosen party theme.


These all-in-one value packs have been designed as a means to offer our esteemed customers with cost-effective alternatives to individual product purchases.


For more info on our various party packs, please visit our section Deals and Packages or click on the link below: