Cupcake Toppers:


Step up your celebration with our unique cupcake toppers which are available in an assortment of colors and designs. These are conceived such that they can be personalised to match your themes or events (i.e birthday, baby shower, wedding, graduation etc...) and fit oh so well on your cupcakes or any finger foods.


Our typical cupcake toppers vary between 5cm to 8cm in size (whichever of the width or height is greater) depending on the design and are sold in packs of 10 pieces. Some models may come in smaller or larger sizes . You may refer to our dimension chart in the photo section above for more details. (Please ensure the product details provided below and in the photo section fully meet your requirement before purchasing).


To make it even more memorable, you can also consider our various value packs comprising of personalised boxes, cake toppers, cupcake toppers, banners, personalised paper hats, props, confetti, invitation e-cards etc. that can be made to match your chosen party theme.


These all-in-one value packs have been designed as a means to offer our esteemed customers with cost-effective alternatives to individual product purchases.


For more info on our various party packs, please visit our section Deals and Packages or click on the link below:


Product Details:


- Type: Personalised (NOT Eligible for Refunds as per our Cancellation, Returns and Refund Policy)

- Sizes: Between 5cm to 8cm (whichever of the width or height is greater and depending on the model)

- Stick: Wooden BBQ Stick

- Thickness: Varries depending on the cardstock

- Color: Please refer to our color chart

- Material: Cardstock, Wood or Acrylic

- Specs: This product is delivered flat and doesn’t require assembly

- Packs: All Cupcake Toppers are sold in pack of 10pcs 


Please contact us before purchasing if you have any concerns regarding the exact size or if you require a specific dimension. 


We offer an extensive range of standard, personalized and premium toppers that cover almost any events (birthdays,